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Aki Hussa
Founder, software- ja electric vehicle industry enthusiast
Aki has been working in software industry for over 20 years both in Finland and abroad. His interest for software began already earlier though as when at the age of 13, getting his first touch on programming, he immediately knew what he wanted to do in his life. Programming still gets him excited the same way as it did over quarter of a century ago.
Aki has worked most of his care in the areas of manufacturing industry and mobile technology, working both on project lead and product ownership as well as a technical architect and developer. Due to the recent raise of fintech, also that sector has become familiar to him. Systematic and method driven working culture pleases Aki and so has approaches like Agile, Lean and SAFe become familiar to him on practical level, both on project lead and technical assignments. This experience he has used both in his own work as well as shared it for other projects through coaching.

His pragmatic and positive attitude towards all challenges as well as his unique combination of technology and project leadership are the aspects he is best known by the customers and partners. User driven design approach has been gaining more popularity on recent years and that Aki is welcoming with most greatest pleasure.
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Arto Hussa
Co-founder, specialist on mechanics and unmanned aerial vehicles
Arto is a specialist on modern programmable CNC machining. He is able to commands modern machining stations to create high quality results which are able withstand even the most critical evaluation. He has also been working already almost couple decades with unmanned aerial vehicles creating his own improvements for the commercially available products.
During his career Arto has created numerous different mecahnical creations but during the last years he has purely been working with unique, single piece objects with high requirements on quality. Such work requires lot of practical expertise especially as the customers are expecting same high quality and success every time. Certainly high quality machinery and methods are required. After working years in the industry the network of partners, that is needed when working with unique products and prototypes, is something that exist and Arto can take advantage of.
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