Vaihda kieli:
The design of this pedal construction started from personal need to find a throttle control for a garden tractor conversion. There are few of such components in the market but all of them seemed to have some limitations regarding the placement or general usage. Thus it was time to think of how one could make the same with a little better variable manner.

As a result this reliable, internally hiding a double sprint mechanism, construction was born. It is variable to operate both on clock-wise and counter-clock-wise directions and use hall-effect or 0-5kOhm operation.

This is already a third generation prototype of this pedal construction and it has been in testing in harsh finnish winter environment. After months of brutal use there are no signs of failures and it just keeps own delivering accurate and reliable control to an electric conversion vehicle.

Having said this. Productization is a long path and we still feel that there are still some further tweaks adjustments needed to make it also affortable to manufacture. For this purpose we are looking for a new owner for this or alternatively financing for productization phase. Markets are there, we would just need to make this available for large audience.
Contact us if you see the potential in this prototype.

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