Vaihda kieli:
The goal of the Pikku-renki project has been to develop a multipurpose platform and technology which could be easily applied to develop further applications.

Physically the solution is based on two independently controlled electric motors which are used for movement and steering.

The central unit that has been developed by Evbros enables the same solution to be used for both remotely and locally operated applications.

The unit receives drivers commands and translates them into controlled signals for both motors control units.

This approach enables usage of different speed-controller and motor combinations depending on the application needs.

We will continue developing the Pikku-renki platform but for the most part we are currently concentrating on implementing remote and locally operated applications on this base. If you have a potential application for this platform do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Let's make it into reality together.

Stay tuned for further development.

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