Project management

Choosing relevant project practices

Choosing relevant project practices

There are no two projects that are exactly the same. There are different individuals and also each organization is slightly different for example in terms of capability to make decisions and provide information. Today's world is an excellent testfield for different approaches though and by applying best practices from other projects to your own project it is possible find best working approach for everyone. These "fieldtests" have shown which of each are likely to work on which environment.

One very good perspective to look into is the complexity of the project. The complexity is a combination og organization size, its speed and individuals capability to manage the entity. More complex the environment is, more complex it is for individuals to grasp, which means that more time is needed for managerial functions.

The following illustration shows on high level, what methodologies from each modern project leadership approaches, in relation to overall complexity, are worth considering.
Various project practices may seem confusing as the environment where they were first developed may be significantly different to one's own project environment. Also it may be that certain specific practice in a different setup may still be useful anyway, in which case it of course makes sense to pick from there and take in use.

In addition one must always remeber that what works in the beginning may not work after a while so wide experience on different methodologies is always in need.

Over the past years I have had the opportunity to work on organizations of different sizes and ways of working. I have collected all this experience and applied it in all my projects I've been leading. I always prefer relatively compact project teams as it is the environment where I can best use my architecture and technical skills but my experience on scaled project organizations is also a valuable asset and it is expecially useful when operations are scaling up. I look forward to your contact regardless of the size of the project.