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Electric vehicles development
We simply love the recent development on the area of electric vehicles. It has been coming for years already and we want to contribute on that development as well. We have decided to concentrate on smaller manned and unmanned vehicles. Here are some of the projects we have invested on so far on. Click on the image to get more details on each project.
Category: Electric Vehicles
Pikku-renki is a multi-purpose platform for remotely and locally operated applications.

The central control system that we have developed together with the mechanical approach enables this to be used for wide variety of purposes. The application defines what components will be needed but it is always the same basic approach that can be used. This way the foucs can put directly to solving the application specific topics.

In addition to our own development we are looking for customers who have need for this type of electric powered vehicles. Evbros provides services for both delivering the platform and for further customer specific development.

Category: Electric Vehicles
The amount of various experimental and also serious ev conversions is growing every year. While new commercial ev-products are being introduced also the need of various ev-components for them is in rise.

Ev-pedal is an innovation that raised from our own need to develop a solution that could be used in several different types of applications. This same basic component can be used in its variants for both land vehicles as for example for boat applications. Variability and flexibility together with reliable mechanical structure gives this component a clear advantage compared to competition. This pedal can also be very well installed on a visible place.

Category: Electric Vehicles
Batpod jr is an experimental electric vehicle for testing various ev-components. There is no better way to test an ev-configuration than to hop in and give it a go.

Although this vehicle is created for our internal development purposes if there is someone who would like one for themselves we can certainly build you one. It is actually not even as expencive as you might think.

If you got really interested, throw us a line and we'll get you a test-drive.

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